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May 16, 2021

Should I Expect A New Roof After A Massive Hail Storm?

In states like Colorado, Oklahoma and Iowa you can expect massive hail storms each summer. Homeowners who reside in these states or areas that see big hail storms each year can expect roof damage. We look at one of the most common home insurance claims and if you should expect a new roof from the insurance company after a hail storm.

Most home insurance policies provide coverage for damage to the structure via wind or hail. Some policies will have a separate deductible for this type of claim which tends to be higher for homes in hail prone areas. If you have experienced large hail and are concerned with the damage it may have caused to your roof it makes sense to have a professional look at it.

Get a free roof inspection before filing claim

Roofers will provide free inspection to see if a claim is reasonable.

It is recommended to get a reputable roofer to inspect the damage and most roofer's will do this for free. If you have your insurance company inspect the roof first that will be logged as a claim and could potentially count against you in the future even if you don't complete the claim process. This is why it is better to get a roofer to inspect it first so you are sure there is noticeable damage.

File home insurance claim for roof damage

The next step is to file a claim with your homeowners insurance company who will dispatch an adjuster to inspect the home. While the adjuster is reviewing the home for damage they will try to determine what the source of damage was so they can determine if it is covered by your policy. If the damage is covered by the policy the inspector will approve either a replacement or repair and allocate funds to get it fixed. If the insurance adjuster does not think the damage was a caused by a covered loss the insurance company may deny your claim.

What if the insurance company denies the roof damage claim?

If the insurance company deny's the roof claim and a qualified roofer has proof of damage from hail or wind you should ask for a reconsideration on the claim. Usually when hail causes damage to one house it will also affect many homes in the neighborhood. Most people talk with their neighbors or see them getting new roofs which causes them to wonder if they need a new roof. The insurance companies end up losing money with these large hail storms so it is in their best interest to inspect each one for covered damages and pay out the least amount of money.

Stop further damage to the home

If a large hail storm does rip through your city don't expect you will get a new roof but do get it inspected. A roof that has damage from hail can cause leaks inside the home and massive damage from water. If you don't get the roof repaired or replaced in a timely manner whether it is covered by insurance or not you will be responsible for the damage any water causes.

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