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May 18, 2021

Is An Aftermarket Car Stereo Covered By Auto Insurance?

For most music lovers it is a necessity to have a great car stereo, unfortunately not to many automobile manufacturers install high end stereos. When you replace your original equipment stereo with an after market car stereo you can spend thousands of dollars on speakers, amplifiers and tuners. It may come as a surprise to you but if that stereo is stolen it is not going to be covered by your auto insurance. The fact is anything that is after market and not standard on the vehicle is not protected on your auto policy unless you specifically add it.

Auto Insurance or Home Insurance?

In some cases renters insurance or homeowner's insurance may cover pieces of the stereo that are not directly attached to the vehicle but it is best not to take that risk. Car stereos are one of the most stolen items in cars and they continue to be highly desirable. The average after market stereo is valued at approximately $800 but there are many drivers who put thousands into their stereos.

If this is you then I would suggest adding an endorsement to your car insurance to protect that investment. Most insurance companies will offer an endorsement called "car stereo" or "electronics" so that you can protect that stereo against theft, weather and other covered losses.

Cost to Insure Car Stereo

The cost to add $1000 worth of coverage for the stereo can cost as little as $40 per year depending on which insurance company you choose. There will be an option of deductibles to choose ranging from zero to $1000 but always choose one below $500. If your car stereo is worth $800 and you need to file a claim to get it replaced you will have to pay the deductible and it doesn't make sense to have a high deductible on that type of coverage. Here is what you need to do to protect your new stereo:

  1. Add a car stereo endorsement to your auto insurance policy
  2. Keep receipts of the installation and purchase of any stereo parts
  3. Take pictures of the installed stereo including speakers, amps and tuners

In the event of a loss like a theft claim the adjuster will ask for any proof of the stereo. If you have receipts and pictures to provide it will make the claim faster to adjust and easier for you.

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