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The fact is that you need auto insurance but you know that it may never be used. For this reason most people try to find the cheapest car insurance policy available without considering other important factors.

This site is dedicated to informing consumers like you with money saving tips and coverage options that most affect your buying decision.
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Money saving tips

  • Raise Deductibles
    By increasing your comprehensive and collision deductibles this will reduce the overall cost of your auto insurance. Pick a deductible that you can afford if an accident happens but a deductible that is only $100 - $250 will only make your monthly bill higher.
  • Don't Get Traffic Tickets
    It may sound obvious but some people don't realize how a traffic violation can increase their auto insurance. If it is a serious traffic violation such as reckless driving or excessive speeding you may be required to file an SR-22 with the state. These tickets and any accidents you cause can increase your monthly bill dramatically.
  • Maintain Good Credit
    In many states it is legal for insurance companies to use your credit as a rating criteria. This means if you have good credit history your insurance cost will be lower than someone with poor credit. Most insurance companies use this criterion to offer lower rates to customers that are less likely to make a claim.
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It is also required by law in order to drive your vehicle on the road so most consumers will try to find the cheapest policy available. can provide a comparison shopping experience unlike any other where the customer gets to choose from the best companies.

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How to get the most auto insurance discounts.

Here is a list of common discounts and not so common discounts for you to ask your agent or carrier:
  • Multi-car discount
  • Good student discount
  • Good driver
  • Multiple policy discount
  • Occupation affinity
  • Teen drivers education and safety programs
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Money saving tips

  • Where you live matters
    All insurance companies have different rates based on the location you live. This is important because people who live in metropolitan cities often pay much more than someone living in a rural area. Many factors affect this rate increase including population, crime rate, weather and more. While you may not be able to move at least understand that a busy city will increase your auto insurance premium.
  • No Down Payment Insurance
    If you are looking to start an auto insurance policy with no money down there are companies that offer it. Most insurance companies will require the first month due at signing but with no additional down payment. Be sure to ask if you can only pay the first month and avoid down payments.
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