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How to lower house insurance premium?

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    Increase Deductibles
    By increasing your wind/hail deductible from $500 to $1000 can reduce your annual premium by 5-15% depending on the company. Some insurance carriers will require a percentage deductible which is a % of the dwelling coverage (i.e. 1% of $500,000 dwelling coverage is $5000 deductible)
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    Confirm Discounts Applied
    You may be entitled to certain discounts that are not automatically added on the policy such as central alarm or occupational group discounts. Some insurance companies systems will either accidentally remove a discount or it will fall off if validation is not received. This is particularly the case with alarm system discounts since the company asks for proof of alarm monitoring each year.
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    Proper Coverage Limits
    It may sound crazy but some people have too much home insurance. If you live in an area where land values are high but the actual cost to rebuild the home is relatively low you may have too much dwelling coverage.
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Why do home insurance rates increase each year?

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    Where you live matters
    From year to year each insurance company will adjust their rates depending on a number of factors including dollar amount of losses, cost of building materials, cost of labor and investment return. Why does this impact you as the homeowner you might ask? Let's take for example a city which had a rough year of weather that included a tornado and a massive hail storm. Depending on how many claims an insurance company experienced in those areas and how much money was paid out can affect you as the policy holder.
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    Insurance spreads the cost to others
    Most likely that insurance company who had customers in the tornado or hail storm path will increase rates from 5 to 35 percent. You may not have made a claim but your rates will be impacted due to the overall loss the company experienced. It may not sound fair but insurance provides protection for your home at a relatively low price by spreading the risk across many homeowners. If you were one of the homeowners hit by the tornado you would be thankful to have insurance to replace your home for only a small deductible.
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